How to deal with the stain on wooden furniture and color?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

most lacquer act the role of forming a protective layer in the surface of wooden furniture, to prevent surface damage. To repair the damaged paint layer, need to deal with damaged part within the scope of the paint layer. Care must be taken when handling any surface, avoid by all means to get rid of the lacquer layer don't have to deal with. Here are some simple tips to help you deal with wooden furniture surface stains, bleaching and other color.


shellac and lacquer cannot bear the role of water and alcohol. Spilled water in the cup or glass wall condensation water will be permanent white patches on these paint decoration or circle. In order to remove the white patches, can try to use first furniture polish for surface polishing. Hard rub polish on the surface of the furniture. If this method does not work, can use industrial alcohol gently wipe the surface stains. Use less as far as possible alcohol; Too much alcohol can damage the paint.

if polishing or alcohol treatment can remove white patches, then need grinding tool to deal with the paint work. A mild abrasives supplies stores at home. A mild abrasive, you can also make your own in gently with a few drops of vegetable oil, mineral oil or flax seed oil into paste made of ash. Paste with soot oil along the grain of wood, wipe besmirch place repeatedly, then wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth. If necessary, can repeat the process. Stubborn stains may be repeated several times to clean up. Then, on the whole surface wax and polishing.

if grinding, soot available polished stone with a mixture of linseed oil to deal with the stain. Polished stone and flax seed oil mix into a paste, along the wood texture, use this paste on the besmirch wipe gently. Polished stone is a kind of fast cutting abrasives, take extra care when using. Check the surface regularly to ensure that no polished too deep. After the white patches disappear, to immediately stop grinding, with a clean soft cloth to wood to wipe. Then, in the hard wax surface coated with two layers of furniture, and wood surface polishing.


bleaching is old shellac and common lacquer paint decoration, is refers to the local furniture surface or the whole furniture is formed on the surface of a layer of opaque white film. Color problem is caused by the wet, sometimes can be processed according to the way of clear white patches. Dip in with 0000 steel wool flax seed oil, polished surface strength to soft and gentle; On the whole surface, along the wood texture gently back and forth friction, until milky film disappear. Then can use soft cloth to clean wood surface, hard wax coated with two layers of furniture, and then polished wood surface gloss.

albino traces can be addressed by split again sometimes. For chips or cracks on the surface of, should be used to replace the steel wool polishing to split. If the two methods can remove the film, the need to paint the this furniture.

black spot

black spots are caused by water completely through the paint decoration and penetrate into wood, not in the case of no damage to paint decoration remove it. If a spot of paint and other paint layer between share very clear, you may only remove furniture paint on the surface of the layer, In addition, it can only be lacquer act the role of stripping away the whole piece of furniture. After peeling paint decoration, with oxalic acid bleaching on the polluted surface. And then see a circumstance to besmear brushs paint.

ink stains

into paint decoration, the ink stain and black stains can remove through to besmear brushs paint. Sometimes, some of the less severe ink stains can be removed. With mineral paint solvent soak the cloth, and then gently wipe the stain; Dip in with soft cloth water scrubbing wood again. After furniture surface to dry completely, then waxing and polishing.

if this method cannot work, can be 0000 # steel wool with mineral paint solvents and grind the besmirch place along the wood texture. Then, will clean the surface, and then to waxing and polishing. This process is likely to damage the paint. If besmirch place damage very serious, but only for the whole surface, even the whole piece of furniture to brush paint.

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