The classic bed is important furniture of classic Italian bedroom furniture, as the bed is important in a bedroom. There are many classic bed designs you could choose in James Bond Furniture. The quality of James Bond Furniture's classic beds are very guaranteed, and there will be no problem in using it for more than ten or twenty years. Most classic beds are mainly made of wood. The bedstead of a classic wooden bed is made of superior solid wood. The wood is screened layer by layer and dried until the moisture content is controlled at 8-12 degrees, up to the international standard. It is not easy to burst and mold. The bedhead is made of top genuine leather. The leather has luster and texture, and we use the whole leather covering technology to make the leather surface not easy to burst. James bond is one of the leading bedroom furniture manufacturers in China, it also has other types of classic Italian bedroom furniture, such as the classic bedside table, you should never miss.     

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