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Over the past 20 years, James Bond Furniture has focused on manufacturing, design and research and development of classic furniture.

We have more than 20 classical furniture stores in China. Here are the real pictures of 7 of them.

We hope to find good agents in different parts of the world, and promote the classic furniture of James Bond Furniture, so that we can cooperate and win together.

We have the experience of opening exclusive stores, we can support each of our agents in many ways, making it easier for them to sell classic furniture!

Hope the friend that is interested in consults us more, do classic furniture we are professional, serious!


- James Bond Furniture Fuqing, Fujian store

Fuzhou, fujian is a coastal city, fishing, transportation, manufacturing are very developed. We also found a good partner in fuzhou, Mr. Chen, he has been working hard to promote our James Bond Furniture, we also give other aspects of support, because we always remember that win-win cooperation is the long-term way! Our agent and a lot of different cities, are good friends, because we do together a funny thing, take beautiful to more places, such as houses, villas, hotels, clubs, museums, galleries, and so on can use our classic furniture, because we can improve the space style, let more beautiful together!

-James Bond Furniture  Xinyang, Henan store

Henan xinyang is a secondary city, it is not very developed, but it is very potential, there are a lot of customers like our James Bond Furniture. We believe that as long as the quality is good, durable, beautiful products, many places will like! We are now developing many foreign agents, they are from different degrees of cities, but we feel, as long as we work together, is able to do this business well, friends around the world, you want to become our agent, please feel free to contact and consult us!

-James Bond Furniture Dongguan,Guangdong store

Since the reform and opening up, dongguan keeps innovating and developing, and has become a famous international processing manufacturing city. Furniture manufacturing and sales and reputation, our James Bond Furniture of different cities have stores in China, it is all agents to our trust and recognition of James Bond Furniture, thank you very much for your support for James Bond Furniture, we will also try to give to you with high quality furniture, service more customers, let customer satisfaction!

-James Bond Furniture Shenzhen,Guangdong store

This agent is a couple. They have been acting for our James Bond Furniture  home for 6 years. They changed the exhibition hall from 50 square meters to 400 square meters now.

- James Bond Furniture Nanchang, Jiangxi store

Nanchang is a provincial capital of China's jiangxi province, just as the provincial capital of guangdong province is guangzhou!

This place is rich in history and culture. They are also often exposed to global culture and have strong purchasing power.

They not only buy beautiful classical furniture, but also buy good products from different countries all over the world. They are very open and appreciate it very much. This is their characteristic!

Thanks to the local people who like our James Bond Furniture so much, thank you

- James Bond Furniture Nanning, Guangxi store

Guangxi province is near the guangdong province, they were the first to accept cantonese culture and trend, because in many cities like guangzhou, guangdong province, shenzhen, foshan, is to have a lot of import and export business, can not only learn about the world's information and also have access to the global products, because of guangxi is the neighbor of guangdong, so the classical furniture culture, they have long contact, and the like, also buy in your beautiful home, or they will, or their hotel! Therefore, Mr. He, the agent in guangxi, has been selling a lot of our classical furniture from James Bond. He is very grateful for our support and is very positive about the quality of our products. Therefore, we still have a good relationship after eight years of cooperation.

- James Bond Furniture Shanghai store

Shanghai is famous as the pearl of the east and also enjoys a good reputation in the world. It is one of the four megacities in China.

We James Bond Furniture very honored to got the trust of the Shanghai agent, we can cooperate since everyone keeps a win-win attitude, classic furniture is embodies the unique connotation of European culture, by its exquisite craft, give people a strong shock, it can fully show more successful pursuit of the perfect the rispectable status of elegant taste and distinguished.

We hope to find good agents in different parts of the world, and promote the classic furniture of James Bond Furniture, so that we can cooperate and win together.


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James Bond Furniture was established in 2003 in the famous national furniture production base -- Longjiang town, shunde district, foshan city, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters.


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