James Bond Furniture Italian Furniture Brand Introduction

James Bond Furniture focuses on classic furniture for 21 years, It has grown up to a leading Italian classic furniture brand in China. 


James Bond Furniture choose French wood to produce classic Italian luxury furniture, because of the high hardness of French wood,so the classic furniture will be more durable.


With the 14k gold inlaying technology, it can make the classic Italian furniture more shining and beautiful. With the paint of piano paint, the classic dining table, classic coffee table, and other series of classic furniture products are very beautiful, just like artworks!


Being one of the top ten European classic furniture in China, James Bond Furniture designs and produces better classic Italian furniture with great heart,so that customers all over the world can have a good quality classic furniture.


James Bond Furniture’s classic Italian furniture is suitable for families, hotels, apartments, clubs, and so on. James Bond desires to sell beautiful classic furniture to more countries!


Brand History

James Bond Furniture Italian classic furniture brand was established in 2003 in the famous national furniture production base -- Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan city, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters, which is a production, sales of high-end classic Italian luxury furniture series products of private enterprises.

For 21 years, James Bond Furniture adheres to consistent ethical standards, committed to the adoption of norms, transparent corporate culture, and steady development model, and Gain recognition from the industry, won the " Top 10 light industry in China", "National contract and credit enterprise", "Guangdong province for 15 consecutive years to abide by the contract and credit enterprises" " Top ten European and American brands of Chinese furniture" title.


Our Advantages

Our classical furniture can enhance the beauty of the space, can make the ordinary place become bright, can enhance the status symbol of buyers, classical furniture is like art, we can not only use it, but also enjoy it!


Company Culture

James Bond Furniture focuses on classic furniture for 21 years, Its furniture design originated from Italy, we introduced foreign advanced equipment. In 21 years, it went from being a newbie to a brand recognized in many countries around the world. Its brand is James Bond Furniture. It has 21 years of experience in designers, sculptors, and 3D piano paint experts! Its company tenet is "customer first, perfect service", James Bond Furniture is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction for the purpose, from understanding the needs of customers, until the quality products into the hands of customers, to provide customers with whole-process worry-free after-sales service. We advocate scientific innovation, integrity, and win-win, are committed to working together with global customers to create a broad market!



Enterprise Live

 James Bond Furniture craftsman inherits hundreds of years of art and cultural heritage, infuses enthusiasm and inspiration into artistic creation, and strives to create the most perfect art works.


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James Bond Furniture was established in 2003 in the famous national furniture production base -- Longjiang town, shunde district, foshan city, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters.


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