James Bond Furniture with more than 20 agents in the global scope, we have a common vision and common goals, this is James Bond Furniture brand is becoming more and more popular and become more prominent, after our many years of efforts, we became China's top ten classic furniture brand, we are now moving in the world's ten biggest classical furniture brand. Would you like to join our family and become our agent? Please contact us, we increase visibility, increase wealth together

Policy Support

1. Enterprise mechanism

Improving the high reward system.

2. Online customer service

On-line Facebook Customers Draw Channels Off-line to Agents.

3. VR displayed

VR 360 Degree Video Display.

4. Corporate video

Corporate Image Video and Production Process Video.

5. Provide material

Provide leather and wood color templates.

6. Provide brochure

Provide a brochure of exquisite products.

7. Inventory

Steady Stock Transfer Processing.

8. Packaging design

Packaging design with high safety factor.

9. Professional solutions

Professional English Answers and Solves Agent's Various Consultations.


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James Bond Furniture was established in 2003 in the famous national furniture production base -- Longjiang town,

shunde district, foshan city, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters.

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