The sitting room of small family how to layout the furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-30

family is not big, the space is little sitting room, should buy what kind of furniture? Many people will encounter such a problem. Below small make up small family model throughout the furniture of the sitting room layout &; Give you some practical Suggestions.

first, double a sofa for the small family sitting room is a right choice, and to spare, then placed the sofa of a single bit, this combination will not make a mistake, meet the demand of household daily use and won't take up too much sitting room space. At the same time, can be in double placed next to a sofa a unique small edge a few or floor lamp, in this way, enrich the sitting room space. Want to remind everybody is, don't go for seating and stretch down a sofa, three people who will make originally not large sitting room become crowded, when using, also can produce depressive feeling. If the family is small, and the pattern of the sitting room and folk prescription long, direct use of l-shaped sofa more save a space.

second, small family sitting room layout is suitable for is fundamental key with white, or close to white color, have the effect of enlarge a space on the vision, the material is better to warm and comfortable cloth art sofa. In addition, in addition to basic furniture such as sofa, tea table, not suitable for to put other big furniture, try to keep more space of flows.

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