The maintenance of modern high-grade leather sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

is not the patent of upper-class dermal sofa, now every family will have a sofa, a cloth or leather, sofa in the sitting room with family has played a very important position, especially as modern leather sofa is creative and modern, not only practical but also have the effect of deck sitting room, today to introduce the methods about modern high-grade leather sofa.

maintenance methods of modern high-grade leather sofa

1, because of the high-grade leather sofa leather is soft, so we try to avoid scratch when using leather, pay attention to, such as keys, or metal buckle.

2, modern high-grade leather sofa leather care liquid will be taken to the often wipe, can have the effect of clean already so, also can form a layer of protective film on the surface of leather sofa, let the stain will not easily into the leather inside the pores.

3, if have children in the home, we will pay attention to a ball-point pen and ink pen and so on, because this time is very easy to leave a stain on the sofa, after left if we don't be afraid, we need cleansing cream to clean it.

4, dermal sofa is one of the biggest characteristic is not high temperature resistant, so to avoid contact with high temperature objects, such as radiators, stoves, high temperature blower, open air conditioning in winter, these things should be as far as possible away from the leather sofa, avoid leather produced by high temperature and fade or harden.

5, often should flap sedentary, because such slow sofa sag phenomenon, keep sofa broadly flat.
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