The composition of office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

office furniture is made up of function, material, structure, exterior form four elements, these four factors are interrelated and restraining each other, promote the development of furniture. The following respectively expounded the main content of the four elements and the relationship between each other. Any a piece of furniture, function is designed for a certain purpose. So the function form, is a central part of the form of office furniture, is the dominant factor, is the power of existence and development of office furniture. In office furniture design, the first should from the functional perspective, collect information of users of office furniture, office furniture collection rotating environment related information, to determine the furniture material, structure, and style. In general can turn the function of office furniture products are divided into four aspects, namely the technical function, economic function and use function and mental function.

materials, the material is the material base of office furniture, from the perspective of the development of office furniture, office furniture material displays diverse characteristics, are: stone, wood, bamboo, rattan wood, glass, paint, rubber, leather, fabric, man-made board, sponge, rubber, paint good. Despite having a large office furniture material, however, when in office furniture design, must consider various factors, the choice of materials into must have purpose use.

three is composed of office furniture, office furniture structure parts the connection between the way. Structure of office furniture of physiological and psychological impact on consumers. Parts between the connecting way depends on the performance characteristics of materials and parts, based on the principle of human body engineering structure design can improve the work efficiency of people.

the appearance of the four, office furniture form appearance form is visual performance of function and structure of office furniture. Office furniture the appearance of the form attached to the structure, but the exterior form of a greater degree of freedom, the same style can use different structures, such as filing cabinet office furniture furniture is the basic structure of the same, but the appearance of various forms. Office furniture appearance shape can also be understood as a furniture modelling give a person the first feeling, have the function of the information, directly play the aesthetic function of office furniture.

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