How machilus nanmu furniture furniture is worth buying?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-14

nanmu furniture is worth buying? To introduce you to the five-star hotel furniture manufacturer.

nanmu, as the central Asian tropical evergreen trees, up to more than 30 meters, diameter at breast height of 1 meter. The main frame nan generic ( 菲比需要雇) And embellish nan ( Machilus nees) Timber. Machilus endemic to China and South Asia, is a well-known Chinese and foreign precious timber species. In guizhou, sichuan, chongqing, hubei and other areas in China have natural distribution, is the main tree species of evergreen broad-leaved forest.

nanmu main feature

nanmu rare wood is unique to China, belong to the plant under state protection (category ii). Nanmu wood is hard and durable, corrosion performance is excellent, with special fragrance, can avoid bug eat by moth. Is one of the best in the soft wood.

nanmu types generally have gold-rimmed nanmu, sweet nan, nan this three kinds of water.

(1) gold nan is one of the best in nanmu, appeared as long as gold can be identified as gold-rimmed nanmu, golden shine can be seen under the sun, bright bright, elegant anomaly, used to be a real special wood, so the honor. Most gold nan from sichuan land of mountains, and rare, gold prices comparable.

(3) water nan, is one of the worst in nanmu wood, its texture is soft, light, colour and lustre and salicylic some similar, usually only used for console table, chairs and other small furniture.

(2) strong wood slightly purple, very rich fragrance, hence the name sweet nan, its beautiful texture, material no gold nan is exquisite, but also is very good material. Xiang nan mostly originated in southern fujian, Taiwan, guangxi, hainan, guizhou, yunnan and other places, foreign distribution in Japan and Vietnam.

because gold-rimmed nanmu and other nanmu price difference is too big, strong, gold is generally difficult to distinguish nan nan and water, need more carefully to identify, especially the purchase of gold-rimmed nanmu, more carefully, need to guard against fraud.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to nanmu furniture already had certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here at the time of choosing nanmu furniture, choose a few big brands of nanmu furniture, because of the big brands of nanmu furniture quality is reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help people understand that the advantages of nanmu furniture, what are the classification.

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