Hotel marble table how to maintain

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-28

marble stain easily, should be less water, clean with mild detergent on a regular basis with a slightly damp cloth to wipe, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth and polished. Wear serious marble furniture is difficult to deal with, can use steel wool is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish, make it restores luster. Or use a liquid abrasive cleaner is wiped, carefully use lemon juice or vinegar to clean a stain, but lemon stays in the above time had better not exceed 2 minutes, can duplicate an operation when necessary, then clean and dry.

marble mesa how to maintain? Do more durable stone material, no matter what are afraid of acid alkali, so it is important to note that when clean stone detergent ingredients, general detergents containing acid, alkali, long time use will lead to stone lose luster, marble is alkaline, so use alkaline detergents.

1, too hot objects on a table would leave a mark, just wipe with camphor oil removal.

2, can't rap to maintain good hotel marble table, we'll be the first to the surface of the can't knock it. Although marble quality of a material is solid, but often tap on a surface, in the long run, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of pits, so consumers at the time of use, must avoid hitting, more heavier items, can not be placed on its surface.

3 items with all the stone, marble table, easy to leave a stain, when cleaning water less as far as possible, with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe with a clean cloth to wipe clean again after, can clean such as new marble table, leaving no water.

4, because of the marble is fragile, avoid is beaten out with a hard knock against.

5, wipe on a regular basis to maintain a good hotel marble table, we have to wipe it on a regular basis. Generally to clean the marble table, we can use wet cloth to wipe the surface first, and then with a clean soft cloth to wipe dry. If the surface of the table with the dirt, we can use lemon juice to the wash.

6, if the table has wear and tear, don't worry! Try use steel wool to clean, with a smooth, This should ask professional commonly implemented) 。

7, scratch treatment to maintain good hotel marble table, we have to deal with the scratch. Generally for minor scratches, we can use special care agent. If wear condition is relatively serious, then we will ask professional the door handle.

8, for old or precious marble had better ask professional cleaning.

9, surface contamination usable vinegar or lemon juice to wipe, and then clean with clear water.

10, pay attention to the temperature to maintain good hotel marble table, we need to pay attention to the indoor temperature. If the indoor temperature is often high and low, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of blowout of. So consumers at the time of use, but also pay attention to the indoor temperature control.

as a result, the marble of daily use and maintenance, must be very attention to the clean and dry end. To avoid water accumulation due to material, if the water in the marble surface residence time is too long, stone material can absorb part of the water. You look at your stone, do you need to maintain some kind of ah? Years of experience in stone conservation share! Keep the marble 'young' way! How often maintain the marble ground of 'raise' good stone, thoroughly maintain clean, clean: no matter hard the marble granite or quality of a material soft are not long-term trample resistance to wind sand and soil particles. So from time to time using the filter and electrostatic mop thoroughly to do a good job of dust removal and cleaning.

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