Board type furniture quality inspection content

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
Furniture co. , LTD. , from the following four aspects in the quality of board type furniture products tested: 1. Kanban furniture hardware fittings of board type furniture hardware fittings is intuitive quality standards. High quality hardware must be free to open and close, surface coating without stripping. Because this is an optional disassembly and assembly of the advantages of board type furniture, so the quality of the hardware fittings are very important. Required parts is smooth, electroplating and no rust, no burr, etc. , and the matching parts must have a high precision. 2. Kanban furniture edge sealing cover defects carefully, edge sealing quality to a great extent, affects the quality of board type furniture. The first is the advantages and disadvantages of edge banding material, the second is to pay attention to the sealing side is uneven or warp. Good article sealing side should work closely with the board. A great influence on the level of furniture veneer material. Touch paint film on the surface, generally good panel furniture of real wood veneers, mid-range for paper cover, one-time molding and agglutination cover price is low. Among them, due to the different processing technology, the paper veneer with different levels. 3. Look at the board quality check board side of board type furniture and decoration on the surface of the part on whether the glue evenly, adhesion is strong, adornment is whether smooth, side panel, door plank and drawer board until the visible parts ( Such as the mouth) The edge seal, and there is no binding on elaborately decorated board traces. Assemble combinations mainly depends on the hole groove is neat, whether installed connectors and firm, plane and end face connection in the tee joint clearance, and when the hand push loose. 4. Look at the size of the furniture furniture market is mainly based on the bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, study furniture and office furniture, and ark of multi-function products such as complete sets of products. Board type furniture main size of the national standard requirements. Rules, for example, a built-in wardrobe or cupboard in the depth of space should be greater than or equal to 530 mm, the height of the table furniture should be greater than or equal to 680 mm to 760 mm, between the bookcase clearance height should be greater than or equal to 230 mm to 310 mm. Consumers need to know the size, because if the furniture is less than the specified size, has a lot of inconvenience when in use. If the depth of the closet is too small to affect the clothes hanging and cause the door closed. 439 keywords: quality of board type furniture, panel furniture, panel furniture customization
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