Sofa carpet of choose and buy skills have?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

blanket is to use a blanket on the sofa, sofa is used in the life, want to have the appropriate blanket, sofa must understand master the skills of choose and buy, the sofa cloth on market brand is numerous, what are the main? Today we talk about the choose and buy of sofa cloth.

carpet sofa of choose and buy skills

1, according to dimensional size collocation

if the sitting room space is larger, can choose the sofa of massiness wear-resisting blanket. The better laid under the sofa, with largish area overall unified effect. If sitting room area is not large, should choose the carpet with area is slightly bigger than the tea furniture.com/classic-dining-table' target='_blank'>table. Put remind: the environment of the bedroom should be comfortable, wool carpet and silk carpet be preferred. On the one hand, carpet can choose, at the same time with cloth, leather bags or adorned with tassels to modify; On the other hand, if you feel a little luxury wall-to-wall carpet, then at the side of the bed near the door, or carpet is placed on both sides of the bed.

2, tonal seek a harmonious whole

according to a great designer, the classical style is given priority to with red carpet, and modern style of carpet is more beige. Light color can increase dimensional feeling, make the room look spacious, make indoor quiet, quietly elegant; Dark and warm color can make the bedroom looks more comfortable and easy and comfortable, gorgeous. Tonal collocation remind: the color of furniture and carpet should be coordinated, such as can adopt fastens with color as far as possible, lest too messy on the vision; Conversely if the space is larger, the pattern of carpet can be a bit busy.

3, green carpet function first

chemical fibber carpet many varieties, such as nylon, acrylic different kinds. Same look and feel is chemical fibber carpet wool carpet, wear-resisting and rich flexibility, possesses the characteristics of anti-fouling, mothproof, and convenient cleaning, carpet price is lower than other material. In addition, the green concept also appeared in the carpet. Use caution: after special craft processing, wool carpet of antistatic ability, and can absorb toxic gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide. Coconut with Joan hemp hemp carpet or coconut fiber weaving and become, has the function of balance moisture, maintain indoor dry is very high practical value and health function, suitable for summer use.

visible, sofa, carpet of choose and buy can consider space size, tonal collocation to pursue the overall harmony, the environmental problem such as carpet function first, brand, the brand, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed brand as far as possible.

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