If the brand solid wood furniture seasonal increases and how to do

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03
If we are careful observation of a few high-grade brand solid wood furniture, especially the annatto furniture, will find that the side panel in furniture often has a wide not narrow gap. The gap called expansion or contraction joint, it is not due to the errors resulted from the furniture design and production. On the contrary, expansion joints is intended to smart 'ideas'. It's there, 'heat bilges cold shrink' of wood to curb the physical characteristics, improve the service life of solid wood furniture has played a huge role. Brand solid wood furniture material itself is a plant, such as in the case of dry winter temperatures we use geothermal heating air conditioning demand choice of the family warm measures, such as increased indoor air dry degree, will lead to serious water shortage, wood will appear dry cracking problems. In this aspect of the maintenance for humidity, we can take the way of humidification, or put a basin of water, can increase the indoor humidity of green plants, such as other tired more volatile water plant, if there is a hygrometer, then 40% 60% is the best for wood, it is said that people also adapt to the humidity. And overly direct humidifying so will lead to the expansion of the wood mold phenomenon, also can direct sunlight place also will dry so also should pay attention to. In other forms of wood moisture can not only keep indoor air humidity to maintain, right wood wax oil is a good choice, it will lock the moisture in wood, prevent weather-shack deformation furniture, so when used in furniture for every 3 - solid wood furniture general advice Four months with wood oil daub to conduct a comprehensive care. This not only can be useful for dry also for too wet. Now market supply of solid wood furniture need not say more than small make up what you should be in use some more or less exposed to, its natural texture, atmosphere and beautiful making attracted many users choose, therefore a better understanding of some characteristics of the use of solid wood furniture, equipment for furniture still has certain help! Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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