Europe type sofa is how to clean?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-21

Europe type cloth art sofa is sending out elegant temperament, in recent years, more and more get the welcome of people. But well-presented and cloth art sofa is easy to dirty, many people in Europe type cloth art sofa cleaning this problem is quite upset, small make up today to solve this problem for you, and how to show you Europe type sofa cleaning, what are the size of Europe type sofa, take a look at.

how Europe type sofa cleaning:

1, the general cleaning process: can choose special cloth art cleaner. First with clean white cloth dipped in a cleaner, in dirty local swab repeatedly, until the stain removed. To avoid its impression, better wipe from besmirch periphery case. Avoid by all means is swabbed a lot of water, in order to prevent water seeping into the lining of the sofa, the sofa frame be affected with damp be affected with damp, deformation, sofa cloth, affect all appearance style of the sofa.

2, special material: velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use the dry cleaner. And waterproof antifouling cloth, if juice on it are difficult to penetrate, as long as gently scrub with water after put in ventilated place dry naturally, to prevent mildew.

3, cloth art sofa sheath general cleaning, in which elastic sheath can directly use the washing machine to clean in the home, the larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry instead of. Ironing sheath should be pay attention to when some elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, even to iron also want to consider the appearance of the fabric, so is suitable for ironing sheathed inside. If sheath is cotton, unfavorable ironing. Cloth art sofa fabric cannot use hot pressing, temperature should be controlled below 60 ℃.

4, timing, vacuuming: daily cleaning cloth art sofa, the aspiration of timing is very important. Normally available dry towel, if can weekly is better. During which the armrest, back of a chair of sofa and aperture place will also be necessary to take into consideration. A towel, of course, also can be used to scrub. When using the vacuum cleaner, do not brush with absorption, to prevent damage to the knit lines on the textile department and make the cloth become loose, to prevent big suction to suck more, lest cause the knit line to break. 5, annual purge: at least one year to use detergent to clean sofa, the use of necessary to put the cleaner completely clean, otherwise it will burn out, leaving a tougher grime. As for the detergent chosen, can choose special detergent containing antifouling agent.

what are the dimensions of the Europe type sofa:

1, sofa because of its style and design of changeable, so it is difficult to have a certain size specification, as long as some practices of general size. The armrest of sofa is general tall 560 - 600mm。

2, single type: length: 800 - 950 mm, the depth: 850 - 900mm。 High: 350 420mm。 Back high: 700 - 900mm。 3, double type: length: 1260 - 1500mm。 Depth: 800 900mm。

4, three type: length: 1750 - 1960mm。 Depth: 800 900mm。

5, four type: length: 2320 - 2520mm。 The depth of the 800 - 900mm。

that's small make up to share about how luxury classic sofa cleaning and what are the dimensions of the luxury classic sofa of all knowledge, small make up to talk about here, Europe type cloth art sofa with elegant charm has been loved by people, its fine workmanship, everywhere embodies the costly feeling in details. General import sofa or luxury classic sofa is atmosphere, classical sofa, beautiful type sofa, take up the space is larger, if put them in a small unit in the sitting room, often make the sitting room looks more and more narrow.

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