Customize the misunderstanding between the furniture furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

the adornment of contemporary family, is a with the change of the social fashion and constantly pushed into a new one. Different decoration style, to different consumers enjoy at home. In more and more pay attention to the urban quality of life, custom furniture will gradually become a trend. Furniture customization, but for ordinary consumers, there is a certain error, this consciousness affects the deviation on the household soft outfit, is not conducive to the healthy development of furniture industry. Below, we detailed analysis for you.

a, whole furniture is custom-made furniture

the real whole furniture provider, should first provide a whole household design scheme, and in the process of construction supervision and implementation details to complete the design of the above and then provide custom-made furniture service as a whole. And overall furniture custom not only includes simple wardrobe, bookcase and so on, also including all the furniture in the varieties including bed, combination ark, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, cabinets, interior doors, and so on.

2, a family to decorate effect can copy

the whole furniture, most consumers didn't pay attention to the oneself is in to buy an intangible products, blindly believe that the effect of the exhibition hall moved to his home, will see the kind of effect, is not realized because of the size of the room, the height and the size of the window position, will affect the furniture layout and design selection. Usually, consumers will only consider the size and color of furniture of suitable, as to make a real difference in proportion to the beautiful and practical relationship is rarely considered. Because this proportion relations not only involves the size, color also involves decoration, electrical appliances, lighting, curtains and other detail design, this design is not the average person can do, but need a set of architectural design, interior design, furniture design of the designer to complete.

3, only to see the furniture in the exhibition hall effect

actually the design of the exhibition hall is usually a company to spend heavily to please some famous designer to elaborate, but the designer usually don't for the enterprise's actual customer service; Another exhibition hall is different from actual family homes, it has no function limit, also there is no limit to the family of layout, spacing the height can be adjusted freely, greatly reduced the difficulty of in design, so easy to effect.

4, no alternative service providers (isps)

to judge whether a company has to provide real whole furniture service power, not at the exhibition hall will be able to decide. Must seize the two main points: one is to visit the company actually made real effect in residential buildings, especially to observe whether reasonable the combination of function and beautiful clever; The second is to provide the overall home design service designers face to face communication to determine whether the designers have the ability to complete the design.

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