What are the precautions for buy furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

read the original articles of my friends are know, buy furniture considerations include: excitant odour, don't buy lower price, structure of false don't buy, today we speak to buy furniture of different considerations, let us together to discuss buy furniture considerations, further understand what should notice when buying furniture.

- the Chinese traditional furniture - Solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture has been China's flagship product, like annatto furniture, birch furniture belong to a kind of solid wood furniture, so buy real wood furniture should pay attention to what? Many people think that real wood furniture is no pollution, belongs to the environmental protection furniture. From a long-term perspective, solid wood furniture with more raw materials belong to the environmental damage is the most serious of furniture, but now we don't discuss the impact on the environment, we discuss influence on their own, can't be matched by solid wood furniture do have board type furniture is much less processing procedures, relative environmental protection, but note that the surface of the paint could be safe hidden trouble. Paint pollution, light heads, heavy cancer deaths, note: buy real wood furniture paint, selection methods: smell, severe irritant smell don't buy.

- of the most widely used for furniture - Board type furniture

the style variety, color of board type furniture is more colorful, so buy the matters needing attention of board type furniture is what? Most of board type furniture is made of three poly amine hydrogen board surface after stick a skin, or baking lacquer to handle the board type furniture in addition to pay attention to smell thought, but also pay attention to the sealing glue, board type furniture must pay attention to whether the six sides sealant, the base material that may contain formaldehyde completely wrapped in it.

the furniture of light - - Hardware furniture

the original hardware can only belong to the furniture accessories, but with the development of the era, was born like stainless steel furniture, aluminum furniture, furniture hardware has the attention of the two, heavy metals and life. Are through the strict quality inspection department inspection, heavy metals, if go to a good furniture company won't appear such problems, life is to see details, like has been scratched rusting furniture, metal furniture never buy.

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