Cloth art sofa in the sitting room should be how to maintain

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-09
Sofa is fashion, economy, practical, beautiful, and its also can unpick and wash. Which is very popular with consumers. Easy dirty, the sitting room sofa USES, in turn, to guarantee its service life, must be diligent and maintenance, care, maintenance and cloth art sofa, there are a lot of points, then, cloth art sofa maintain how to implement? The implementation regulations?

as its main ingredient is sitting room sofa fabric sofa, can achieve artistic effect in the processing, to meet the demand of the owner's life, and cloth art sofa materials, design can be divided into: leisure sofa fabric, plain cloth, leather cloth.

leisure cloth art sofa its design is very suitable for young people, the design conforms to the modern times, its design is advanced, rich colors, its style is very much also, choose leeway very big, very suitable for modern decoration. And sitting room sofa design is more, it also has limitations, basic has Europe land wind, is modeled on the French and British style design, adopted its pure cloth art sofa fabric cloth. For example: blended cotton and linen, faux suede type, etc.

maintenance to be 4 - cloth art sofa, the first is the wear and tear, this sofa in daily use to prevent wear and tear, avoiding the phenomenon of life is too short. To extend the use fixed number of year, it can implement the sofa cushions for conversion applications, turning once a week, its wear and tear to uniform distribution. Best shield on the sofa cover, and the head of cushion, etc. , which can effectively reduce the friction on the cloth, contamination.

there is dirt. The fabric sofa, very easy to appear the stranded, absorb dust, wait for a phenomenon. And dust appears on the sofa, can use dry towel to get rid of dust, then wipe with a wet towel. , want to dust removal effect is good, can use a vacuum cleaner dust removal, the vacuum cleaner to install a flat head, using the strong performance in the suction to adjust to, this is to remove the dust from the sofa. Note armrest sofa, cushion, cracks, and clean.

there is oil pollution prevention. In order to prevent in use cloth art sofa is dirty, after the purchase of cloth art sofa, can spray first a cleaning agent, which can prevent smudgy oil-water adsorbing. Also is to use the dustproof effect of cleaning agent, spray once a month is ok.

moreover is the sun. Cloth art sofa cloth to prevent direct sunlight, otherwise, it will fade the sofa fabric decreased elasticity, thus affecting the service life of cloth art sofa.

described above is cloth art sofa and maintenance measures, as long as the owners pay more attention to, must be kept clean, make a good cleanliness with cloth art sofa

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