Customize the hotel furniture vacuum laminating process how to do

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-05

custom hotel furniture surface decoration, the wide application of a coated processing. There are multiple ways of laminating, smooth surface or rule type surface can be used after the molding method, laminating with carved decoration or more complex shape surface plate is a commonly used vacuum film coating technology. Vacuum laminating technology can realize the single side or double side coated parts. Vacuum film coating technology is the equipment used vacuum laminating machine, also known as vacuum molding machine. It USES vacuum pressure on the material with negative pressure to stick a face, can be in different uniform pressure on the surface, mainly suitable for all kinds of ambry door plank, fumo, soft packing material such as leather surface and coated PVC, wood veneer, decoration paper, etc. , all can be all kinds of P ∨ C membranes on the furniture, cabinets, speakers, craft doors, decorative dado board and so on each kind of board type furniture, and can be applied after adding silica gel plate to paste the thermal transfer film and single work. Before laminating panel and coated effect as shown in figure 4 21.

( 1) Vacuum laminating process main

a grinding sanding + spray adhesive processing base material and the secondary grinding coated a trim

a. Base material processing

the base material of vacuum laminating use for fiberboard (commonly Commonly known as 'density board') 。 Fiberboard quality of a material is uniform, the surface milling molding are of good quality and suitable to serve as the base material of laminating. Base material processing including cutting and milling. Milling machining can use CNC engraving machine ( Is actually a shaft milling machine, as its main processing lines on the surface of the plate, so called the engraving machine. ) Or CNC machining center processing, can in the surface of panel milling grain appearance, can also processing type of panel edge. Numerical control milling plate pieces as shown in figure 4 22.

b。 Grinding sanding

after carving processing panel needs after grinding sanding, to ensure that the surface of panel is uniform, dimension precision. After completion of polishing for dust removal treatment, prevent the dust falling bond strength.

a few more protruding embossed pattern can use casting glue, paste prefabricated plastic carve patterns or designs on woodwork, line and surface of the plate. After coated, the effect of appearance see and direct to engraving effect is consistent, high processing efficiency, high material utilization.

c。 Spray adhesive

before laminating process, need on the substrate surface evenly spray glue. Spray adhesive workshop to the requirement of indoor temperature and clean degree is higher, low temperature affects the effect of glue. Spray adhesive, want to blow the board face and the 4 ash clean first, and according to the requirement of the cover material adjust spray adhesive and spray method. Spray adhesive is completed, will be transferred to panel lots goint to dry area after a period of time to prepare to enter the next process. Need 20 ~ 30 minutes in summer, winter requires 40 ~ 60 minutes

d. Coated

laminating process using vacuum laminating machine to processing, can be multiple board piece in one time. Place the panel on the laminating machine, by heating to soften membrane and vacuum negative pressure, the paster compaction to (on the surface of the plate Figure 4 - 23) 。

e。 Trim

coated parts after the edge as shown in figure 4 24. Coated board piece, after being edge would leave membrane residual need manual workers with the blade spare parts finishing off. Hollow plate after coated, the hole will be covered, need artificial prune dressing.

f。 Decorative

coated on the surface of the plate after relatively drab, and due to the flexibility and range of motion of the cover material, in the small radius of curved surface parts not on modelling is very small, lead to sharp line is not clear. At this time, can be manually according to the requirement of the furniture style decoration, such as on the surface of carve patterns or designs on woodwork paint or trace silver operation ( Figure 4 - 25) 。 Artificial board face more beautiful after the decoration, and because the trace of the manual processing, stronger sense of worth.

( 2) Vacuum laminating machine operation process

1) start to prepare;

(2) the table clean dust removal, to ensure that the blister will not have a foreign body in the process of entering;

3. Place the plate, the plate needs to be smaller than workpiece edge 6 ~ 8 mm, the effect of the corner joint closely, will not cover on the plate;

( 4) Set the parameters such as temperature, time,

5) placed plate and lock, ensure the panel is placed is stable, the distance between the edge to achieve 3 - thickness 4 times, ensure that there is enough space for coated can fully fit the side panel;

6 to start the heating cover heating films, coated.

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