Why buy environmental protection furniture will air pollution?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-11

the currently used furniture testing standard for the release harmful substances in the wooden furniture limited, the standard is only for use in furniture, furniture plate rather than overall, ignoring the furniture processing may cause indoor environment pollution in the process of other factors, such as adhesives, paint, etc. , is only plate environmental protection standards and determine a set of wood furniture is unqualified, existing biased hidden trouble. To this, the expert warns customer, when choosing wooden furniture, in the store, the best on the furniture smell, smell whether there is a strong irritating smell. Many manufacturers in order to save materials, local sealing side only, when buying depends on whether they did the whole sealing side. Minimize spot sealing side, because the site operation is accomplished very hard seal, and factory use sealing side of high temperature and high pressure, strong after sealing side is neat and. The best way is to buy real wood, it is almost no pollution. Because they say the plank of pollution is the pollution of formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is not from the plate, but from the glue on the inside, and the furniture of real wood is almost with no glue. , such as high density board or three-ply board, is use a lot of glue, and glue is used in sheet metal, causing it to evaporate slowly, so the volatilization of formaldehyde period up to 3 to 15 years! Second, not all use environmental protection material to decorate out there will be no pollution environmental design, it also needs to through rational design means, design in the family use less as far as possible when there is pollution materials, many families decorate material to all qualified products for environmental protection, but in the end still overweight when indoor environment pollutants. This is due to the superposition effect & throughout; As a result of. Levels of hazardous substances such as a plate is N, can achieve environmental pollutants concentration limit, if we use the number of 10 or more materials, so the concentration of the pests in the specific space will reach N 10 times or more, what's more, the family is decorated also use a material not only can finish. Three, some decoration companies to its own interests, shoddy, with complete disregard for his household health of consumers.

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