The origin and design characteristics of contemporary and contracted style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29
Today, we're here to discuss the origin of the contemporary and contracted style and design characteristics.

contemporary and contracted style originated in modernistic style concept. The beginning of the 20th century, the Bauhaus weimar Germany advocate of the modernist school, also known as functional concept, is the product of the industrial society. And contracted style is a branch of the development of modern style, representative schools. The modern style of the original intention was to create a can make artist to accept modern production environment of the smallest machine mechanical conditions during the age of the mass production. Advocate using the new achievement of the industrial public services, the use of the industrial age of technology aesthetics ideology revolution of interior decoration. Modernist thought suitable for assembly line production of furniture model must be put to use in the new era, the vast majority of indoor items or decorations, lamps and lanterns, furniture and so on all is the factory production of industrial products. These industrial products must be get rid of the old era of arts and crafts of adornment gimmick, becoming the star of the new age of interior decoration, chair function is given priority to the design concept of stress the aesthetic feeling of the structure itself, the perfection of this concept is contemporary and contracted style. About the design elements, color, lighting, raw materials are reduced to the least extent, but the high requirement of material texture and color. The pursuit of more with less, with JianSheng numerous design feeling, contemporary and contracted style of the space design are usually very subtle and delicate.

say to the design features of contemporary and contracted style. Contemporary and contracted style form follows function, pay attention to the practicability of space, opposes excessive decoration, xu advocates both production and aesthetics. Compact model, the furniture of high purity color, line is concise, in place of the soft assembly act the role ofing are indispensable elements of contemporary and contracted style. In addition, the design of contemporary and contracted style, also pay attention to the individuation of colour and material utilization, space colour contrast, and give full consideration to the role of light and shadow in the space. Contemporary and contracted style design methods on spatial processing, the pursuit of the design of the geometry and the sense of order, contracted and fluent space lines.

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