Yu Lin: take you distinguish between the plate and solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-25
Believe that many people will consider when choosing furniture is the elected board furniture or solid wood furniture good? About this question today furniture can help you find the answer you want. Today small make up take you under the analysis of main plank furniture, and the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture, and teach people how to distinguish between the two different material of furniture on the market! To distinguish the plate furniture, solid wood furniture methods: 1, plank furniture: ( 1) Advantages: the main raw material of board type furniture is man-made board, mainly wood residue, such as artificial fast-grown forest as raw material. Plank furniture is a very significant advantage is the fast production cycle, it is the combination of a removable board type furniture parts usually adopt all sorts of metal hardware connection, no matter be to assemble or disassemble very convenient, if it is the furniture with treatment tall precision can remove the installation can be easy to transport for many times. In terms of color and texture can be change according to the requirements can give a person with a variety of different feelings. And also has a lot of changes on design the modelling of impossible for solid wood. From man-made plank price less the use of logs, so its price advantage is more obvious than natural lumber. ( 2) Disadvantages: in the process of production such as use too much glue adhesive, the adhesive and paint will result in plate containing formaldehyde, these are will have certain harm to body health. And plank furniture is sensitive to temperature and humidity to compare. Compared with its short service life of solid wood furniture. ( 3) The choose and buy method: (1). To know the plate is not more thick quality more good, although some plank you look is very thick, but in his hand is light, and good quality board gives a person the feeling is very thick. Although theoretically plank heavy intensity will be higher and higher, its the power that grasp a hammer will be better, but there is no need for consumers to excessive pursuit of the thickness and the weight of the plate, for example as a wardrobe sliding door, heavy plate can cause hardware accessories instead of the burden of a long time will affect its service life. ②。 There is a kind of method to test the quality is scratching plate back and forth, with a key or pen to daub on the surface of the furniture, see if I can easily remove stains, but test it out by this method are that it is actually the performance of the plate surface should have, and cannot explain the quality, if you want to test its fouling resistance, try to use soy sauce or coating on the surface plate such as lipstick, again after a period of time to see the effect. : (2, solid wood furniture 1) Advantages: solid wood furniture is made by wood, but wood production also has many exquisite. The body if the furniture is made of whole piece of the whole piece of wood, A lot of annatto furniture already) , no doubt at the tooth inoculation so value. Some is relatively high-end solid wood furniture, closer to nature more exalted. ( 2) Disadvantages: if besmear brushs the paint of solid wood furniture, furniture paint will increase the burden of formaldehyde. Many small brands will adopt some wood coatings can cause real wood furniture taste acrid phenomenon. If you are grocery stores will be familiar with certain regional exhibition hall of formaldehyde. In terms of price than plank furniture will be more expensive. 4, how to differentiate between plank furniture and solid wood furniture: ( 1) Bibi weight: this is very real, very simple, it is easy to find different timber weight is different, but most of the same kind of wood quality are the same. So according to the situation of lumber, also include their own life experience, only need to weigh weight, can be roughly know, is this kind of furniture is heavy or light. Usually man-made board furniture will feel very heavy, and because real wood furniture is the ordinary wood, without severe compression is not so heavy. ( 2) Listen to the voice: according to the experience of the life you know, the voice of the man-made board with wooden planks voice is absolutely different, generally solid board some voice is low, and solid wood furniture will be more clear sound, by hand knock can tell. In addition, the more solid wood furniture voice may appear a little empty, and the man-made board furniture is somewhat really, this is also listen to a standard. ( 3) See stripes: each kind of wood has a stripe that is unique, because each stripe is different. As we found that the wood has rings, rings intensity are different from place to place. As long as it is a block of wood, different parts of the stripe is not the same, if a piece of furniture is the same as the stripes on the lumber, will know that this is processed artificial plank, this is also a standard. If the furniture all places are brush the paint that more attention should be paid to, it is possible that manufacturers cracks. Solid wood furniture and panel furniture is each have each characteristic, if we from the perspective of environmental protection solid wood furniture must be more environmental protection, it is because it is log sheet than more environmentally friendly. And plank furniture as melamine board its processing is simpler, scratch resistant ability is stronger at the same time, if we are from sheet from price to see if there is a price advantage.
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