Wooden furniture of choose and buy what problems should be paid attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-01

in real life, many consumers in the choose and buy materials often feel confused about what to do, shenzhen furniture maker, emperor remind choose wood furniture or plate several problems should be paid attention to.

solid board: alert shoddy solid board with good quality, no pollution, beautiful and easy, get the favour of a lot of decorate. Bodog understand, however, many consumers are under the condition of the know very little about real wood just came into the city.

buy annatto, be alert plank, shoddy. According to reporter understanding, at present in the solid board market often appear shoddy phenomenon. Many labeled annatto furniture made of on the market, only 4000 yuan can be bought, but in fact it is raw material with hearts paint, red paint in myanmar and ordinary miscellaneous wood pretend to be.

wooden furniture of choose and buy sheet or key problems which should be paid attention to

consumptive clew annatto price difference is very big, sometimes even up to thousands of yuan per square metre. When purchasing a solid wood furniture, must understand the characteristics of good buy sheet. Burma heartwood of red paint color red, for example, however in the air after gradually turned into a maroon? Crow and red acid material in purplish red, white acid color is shallow, etc.

man-made board: attention formaldehyde release a quantity to

due to man-made board price is relatively cheap, even more than the demand for its good quality board. But often accompany by man-made board formaldehyde pollution is also a headache for many consumers.

according to expert introduction, the big core board material is the log, the lateral bending pressure ability is stronger. Particle board and density fiberboard material is crushed wood or other material, such as sugarcane stalk, etc. Visible, on select material, particle board and density fiberboard is much less than the big core board. In addition, particle board material used is not completely shattered into fiber, but crushed into granule, then add adhesive bonding; The density board is woodiness material pulverized into fibrous add adhesive bonding. Understand the plank, sheet of choose and buy more insurance, and buy insurance for health.

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