Winter how to maintain leather sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

winter approaching, furniture is very important to care, why? Because will welcome the New Year's day, one of the leading role of sofa as welcome the New Year's day, into the door head on the sofa, so the maintenance of sofa is very important, like sedentary hind often should dab seat area and edge, restore the original state, if there is dirt on leather, with a clean wet sponge properties mild detergent to wipe, vacuum at least once a week, pay attention to remove the dead Angle, dust between the fabric structure and so on. So how do you in winter to maintain leather sofa? How to do a furniture nursing talent?

1, the most horrible winter is the cold weather, so the general building in north China, it is to do on the kang, this time will pay attention to the allergic to hot leather furniture & throughout; Phenomenon, if close to the heat source, easy to damage sofa, the sofa to harden, fade, the under and on the air conditioning blows, in direct sunlight is a reason.

2, ventilation, this really is hard for people in the northern area of, but want to consider, ventilation is good for people's health, airless environment can bring enormous damage to the person's body, leather sofa, too, too dry or humidity can accelerate the ageing of leather.

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