Winter climate is dry brand solid wood furniture should be reasonable moisturizing

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07
Winter the air is very dry, people to this time often need moisturizing skin care. Solid wood furniture, too, in winter, especially prone to dryness. So in the face of the dry weather, moisture is the first of its kind in the real wood furniture maintenance points. It is important to note that the solid wood furniture humidity should be reasonable, not too much of a good thing. Now has entered the winter the coldest season of the weather is getting cold air temperature is lower, every household should have certain heat preservation measures, in this environment the use of equipment of furniture of a lot of also need special maintenance, especially in terms of pure solid wood furniture. Because brand solid wood furniture wood furniture equipment, for use in winter in order to ensure the quality of its service life, in the water or wet towel to wipe, this is the way most may not when, in the winter because the weather is cold, the temperature is low, use water or wet towel wipes can cause frosty wood and deep water, after entering the internal, fester, significantly reduce its life, that users need to be wary. Winter cold, each family will be on the waiting list each heater to keep each other warm. Sometimes to near the heat source, unconsciously pull heaters to solid wood furniture. Little imagine, these furniture fear of high temperature, long time high temperature baking, easy to lose wood moisture, desiccation, deformation, metamorphism paint film. It is best to real wood furniture is put in at least one meter away from the heater. Winter indoor humidity than outdoor rather higher, therefore, open a window ventilated, winter will only make the cold air outside to come in, make indoor dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the real wood furniture is more families in the home, in the winter should reduce the time and the number of open a window ventilated, in order to keep indoor humidity. At the same time pay attention to real wood furniture should avoid placed in air vents. Winter, solid wood furniture appear the most easily weather-shack, the reason is because the indoor humidity is low. So why, you can take measures to increase the indoor humidity. Common method is to choose a humidifier in the room, also can put a basin of water or put some more conducive to the indoor moisture such as money plant, lucky bamboo plants. Was followed to brand solid wood furniture equipments to outdoor air is basked in, although winter has sunshine, but sunny weather with bitter cool wind, also can make all kinds of solid wood furniture due to the large temperature difference, and the damage to the wood. In the use we must know for different season, solid wood furniture needs to have different ways of maintenance, and shall not be method of maintenance in different ways, the impact on its life is also a huge, maintain good may be natural life span is long, if maintain undeserved, life will halve. Therefore want to the service life of the use of solid wood furniture to guarantee a certain problem, must strictly abide by some use requirement but every furniture all necessary! Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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