Why two of similar sofa price difference so big?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

when buying a sofa usually encountered such a situation, appears to be the same in the two sofas, a price may be only 3000 or so, and the another is for tens of thousands of. More than 7000 dollars of difference between them is exactly reflect? Actually besides the brand value, and the differences of cloth!



1, tactility is exquisite soft and very comfortable.

2, the color effect is good, also looks more fashionable.

3, dustproof and antifouling effect is good.


1, the price is expensive, good flannelette 500 yuan/m

2, prone to static electricity, especially in winter.

choose skills: long top cloth, usable hand touch back and forth, if there is no clear white and color, is the best flannelette; Short top cloth is as thick as possible, velvet as close as possible.



1, the price is cheap, ordinary families can buy.

2, natural environmental protection raw materials, tactility is relatively soft.

3, design and color is diversiform, can choose more.


1, poor flexibility, easy to deformation folds, after a long time and easy to change color.

2, wear-resisting, long using time easily worn out.

choose skills: pull out the thread of cloth, no focal flavour and burn it can better the quality of the ash.



1, very wear-resisting, not wrinkled, MAO qiu.

2, good thermal conductivity, does not produce static electricity.


1, easy to dust, dust will often go to.

2, not soft.

choose skills: surface whether level off, is there any thread or interface, is the key to judge linen standards. Blends


1, the price is cheap.

2, can take on the visual effect of different materials.

3, sturdy, and more elastic.

4, easy to clean.


1, decorative pattern and color are natural pure enough.

2, feel is not soft enough.

3, easy to static electricity.

choose techniques: the greater the proportion of material composition of cotton, the better.

a lot of cloth art sofa are blended, and cotton accounted for the proportion of smaller, and wool fabrics of cloth art sofa is expensive. Now know why the same call cloth art sofa & throughout; The price is differ so much.

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