Why so expensive imported furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-05

import furniture why so expensive? Can be seen from the past Da Vinci fraud events entrance furniture violence, after this incident, imported furniture has been monitoring department, especially high-end furniture such as leonardo Da Vinci, they are huge profits and cost out of proportion, so be monitored very strict, but from that appeared on the market entrance brand, shoddy, product violence phenomenon is still very much, like many on the taobao sellers with real image of our company is their real pictures and some consumer is keen on gaining petty advantages for the sake of buying the product, and then found and the online description is not the same as or used it broke after a few months, these regulators to use cookies.

back to the topic, why imported furniture why so expensive?

1, the good imported furniture has the brand culture, brand value is very high, as both of the same quality of clothes, if a printed on the standard of the Nike, so the price is sure to turn on one times, this is what we call the brand value.

2, an imported furniture shipped to domestic, to be turned over to the tax, transportation, costs such as rent and labor costs increase the cost of the imported furniture, then the seller will be the corresponding price, the price is different also.

3, domestic selling furniture imports are generally dealer, the dealer sales price would be more expensive than the manufacturer.

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