Why our huafeng furniture group was square and round table

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10
Daily life, we must eat sleeping is ordinary life program, speaking of eating it without a table, eating our meal geomancy taboo is also a little, just like everybody here chatter among them. Furniture group, appropriate chooses round or square table: traditional Chinese cosmology is pine-covered grounds, so most of daily appliance is given priority to with circular and square, the traditional table is a typical example. Traditional table form such as the full moon, a symbol of reunion, old and young, intimate, and interference sentiment, can foil the atmosphere of eating well, already thorough popular feeling. As for the square table furniture group, small four people can sit alone, called SiXianZhuo; Big eight people can sit, also called square table, because it symbolizes the eight immortals party, also very lucky, founder smooth, symbol of fair and stable, although quadrilateral with horns, but because of not Angle without damaging, being ready to be used. Due to the shape of the table will affect the atmosphere of the present board, so the wooden round or square in the domestic population is small, oval or rectangular table in the population is large. Table should pay attention to: the texture of the surface for easy clean up the table, desktop is relatively hard, cold, such as marble and glass art is stronger, but because of its easy to absorb the energies of the body after eating quickly, is not conducive to diners sit talk about communication, so should not be used for all table, but can be by shape and texture to mediate, such as: round marble dining tables or square wooden table, etc. , have these combinations can bring good effect. Relevant tags: furniture group
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