Why no irritating smell of furniture also is not necessarily the environmental protection furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
Generally for consumers, for the furniture, environmental protection index is a leading indicator. Many people buy, will only consider the no irritant smell furniture is environmental protection furniture. But in fact, have a lot of manufacturers have their own rhetoric, many furniture do not stimulate the taste, but the environmental protection index is substandard. Why no irritant smell this small make up for your list of furniture also is not necessarily the furniture of environmental protection. In fact, whether from office furniture have pungent odor, judge whether the plate environmental protection is of certain reference value, but not enough science. And only signs of material level, certification, look at the report to identify customized furniture plate is in line with the requirements of environmental protection is the right way. Method one: billboard material level of table and table the formaldehyde release a quantity to have certain standard. At present, our country furniture plate using national standard is e1, namely the formaldehyde release a quantity to zero. 5 mg / i ~ 1. 5 mg/I, and formaldehyde release a quantity to less than 0. 5 mg/I is the European standard in our country, this kind of plank is currently on the market of environmental protection, but the price also is expensive. Method 2: look at any board certification, if claim that environmental protection. You must have a green building certification marks, the state environmental protection administration ten ring. This is the size of the furniture brand, the quality of products, the overall strength of the main criteria. Wooden furniture, the furniture needs to have a quality certification center CQC product certification. Method 3: look at the report file cabinet whether environmental protection enterprises need through businesses can provide authority at or above the provincial level of the test report, and test analysis report must be issued by local quality inspection departments. In addition, the furniture must be developed to provide the service product manuals, this is mandatory.
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