Why need solid wood office furniture paint steps?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
Solid wood furniture, office furniture just as its name implies is to apply to office there are a lot of solid wood office furniture is after painting process. Why do real wood furniture need painting? No painting can't? What is the good after paint? A: protect wood real wood furniture wood tensile strength is very big, the processing difficulty is big, but the larger the tensile strength of the wood is also easier to grind out bright and gentle touch. Such tactility is perfect, but if leaked out directly, by sharp objects are easier to scratch, or damage in the long time use, loss of gloss. The paint, equals to the furniture put on the protective layer. 2: more beautiful even out of the same wood material, also have small partial color, make its expressive force is very big impact. To log furniture paint is put on a dress to furniture, make space more extreme. 3: avoid moisture content had a great influence on the reliability of the timber wood deformation, sealed with paint wood surface, can block the outside moisture rapid infiltration into the wood, also can avoid the internal structure of the water is too volatile, and let the wood inside and outside communication slow, gentle, guarantee the wood not deformation. Four: enduring if wood directly leak in the air, easy to be corrosive and air oxidation discoloration. After painting, wood is not direct contact with air touch, will eventually store fresh log color. Five: good cleaning and maintenance, whether how careful polishing, can put the wood hose seal, the hose can become shelter evil people and practices, it is difficult to clean. After painting, the hose is sealed and smoothing, a wipe gently with a dish cloth, can rinse clean.
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