Why is preferred brand solid wood furniture with oak?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10
Diamonds are forever, forever. Is in the beauty of the hardness of diamond is solid! As an important material in solid wood furniture, oak can also withstand test, has a perfect diamond quality. So why real wood furniture to choose oak? Its reason has three, the following brand solid wood furniture will answer for you. A straight, hard, texture, structure of coarse, quietly elegant of colour and lustre beautiful texture is the main characteristic of oak. So high strength, wear resistance. Oak decorative pattern is also very important, its texture is clear, the higher the value of wood. North American white oak, for hundreds of years has been widely used in each big chateaux in France do red wine barrel. Quality wines must be made of white oak barrel storage. Two sapwood is light color, white oak, heartwood is light brown to dark brown. For pure color, therefore become the production of high-grade furniture of precious wood. Third, due to slow growth of the white oak and grew up in the sunny conditions. So the anticorrosive wearing white oak not only has the ability, and a clearly visible, neat delicate wood grain. More has give a person with infinite warm feeling of bright light. This is why choose oak solid wood furniture. Brand solid wood furniture factory is a professional manufacturer of cabinet wardrobe real wood door enterprises, at the same time also is specializing in the production of solid wood furniture, board type furniture, villa furniture system, the old yu wood furniture, solid wood cabinets, artical solid wood cabinets, bathroom ark of integrated production enterprises. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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