Why is it popular solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-06
Solid wood furniture has become the people of choice for indoor decoration furniture. But do you know why so popular solid wood furniture? Solid wood furniture why so expensive? That is a reason! Solid wood furniture has incomparable performance of healthy environmental protection board type furniture. More even, no standard plate cannot rival with real wood, want to know the answer to why there are so sure, please see the following content, furniture group of designers to tell you why. When solid wood furniture has many unique advantages: other material can replace real wood furniture moist texture ( Put an end to ice thermal sensation) ; Porous material (solid wood furniture Sound insulation is quiet) ; Solid wood furniture wet moisture absorption solution ( Comfort) ; Solid wood furniture care efficacy ( Health care) ; Solid wood furniture natural combination ( Nerves static) ; The benefits of solid wood furniture customization on the human body: solid wood furniture natural texture ( Visual protection) 。 Furniture group custom solid wood furniture has many excellent efficacy, make people living among them feel warm, natural, quiet, comfortable, healthy, real wood furniture is more and more get the favour of people pay attention to the quality of life. Small make up think strand wood, optional choice for solid wood furniture, wood strand of solid wood furniture customization through strict selection optimum diameter and unique cutting process, make the best and most beautiful wood, the optimum side, combining strand wood paint technology, is to live in natural texture, pleasing to the eye, at the same time, environmental protection, health. Chinese and western culture blend. In addition to the ancient sweet patina of annatto furniture, modern solid wood furniture is a blend of more fashionable element. The present solid wood with prominent minimalist design, both in terms of material selection, shape and color are 'Jane' to 'open the floodgates. ' Style is return to the sixties and seventies of the last century, the main characteristic is less sharp edges and more downy curve modelling. This combined with a minimalist design, in the big straight on modelling, and retain the arc Angle on the details, integral feeling is both modern and classical. In addition, the Oriental culture element is more and more favored. In furniture design, the Oriental culture elements of penetration is divided into two kinds, one is the original at the beginning of the last century the Chinese style furniture, the other is a trend in Asia now ( Oriental furniture inspired by Japanese design) 。 Relevant tags: furniture group
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