Why do you want to buy furniture choose standard brand solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more high to the requirement of environmental health, people pay more attention to PM2 before. 5, indoor pollution is ignored. Indoor formaldehyde pollution, stupid actually is worse than outdoor pollution, Chinese academy of preventive medicine expert investigation, points out that the Chinese 85%, 90% of the time is spent indoors. Beijing health bureau issued warnings, indoor formaldehyde to exceed bid 71 times, indoor pollution degree is 5 - outside 10 times. In people's subconscious, usually the home of the space as the safest harbour, in addition to just in outside decorates, not doubting pollution of interior space, but the formaldehyde and decorate and plank furniture stupid toxic substances such as volatile period in more than 30 years, we have been in a chronic poisoning the environment. This kind of poisoning is very slow, unconsciously. For this kind of chronic indoor harmful, most person is numb, is innocuous, but for people who really understand is really frightening, Beijing children's hospital found that 90% of adolescent patients with leukemia, home decoration within half a year, although there is no direct evidence of the link between the decoration and leukemia, but the environment and health, first published in 2006, Peking University school of medicine and joint research of ningxia medical school suggests that the new decoration of the rapid increase in leukemia and contact environment and practical environmental protection home has a close relationship. The development history of furniture plate furniture, solid wood furniture and then begin to pay close attention to the brand solid wood furniture, one of the very important reason is that on the raw material is not completely real wood furniture, containing formaldehyde because of formaldehyde mainly comes from the adhesives, paint, plate and solid wood furniture because together is to scrap timber, therefore, the application of cement caused serious formaldehyde pollution. So completely real wood furniture can be completely ruled out formaldehyde pollution and stupid? The answer is not necessarily, general process of completely real wood furniture will still use paint coating and adhesive, it still can't get away from the harm of harmful material such as formaldehyde and stupid, only such as thanksu three trees that wooden furniture wax and mortise and tenon joint structure with the combination of process can be truly refused to pollution, because wood oil is derived from the ancient Chinese lacquer, using tree oil, linseed oil and other vegetable oils and physical harmony from palm wax as raw materials, the whole process not add chemical raw materials, the requirements of environmental protection free from contamination. But it is only wood oil finish is not enough, because the cement also contains formaldehyde, benzene and mortise and tenon joint process used to make thanksu three trees furniture completely did not glue, that is to say, through a combination of completely real wood, wood oil, mortise and tenon joint process can be truly refused to paint and cement, refused to the harmful material such as formaldehyde and stupid pollution. Puts it on the market of completely real wood furniture if you can't solve the problem of paint and cement, then is to be less than zero pollution, even environmental protection paint and environmental protection cement is a chemical products, immutable contain harmful material such as formaldehyde and stupid, place the environmental protection title just meet the national standards, but meet the national standards just shows the content of formaldehyde and stupid is lower. To sum up, in choosing a brand solid wood furniture must pay attention to whether they contain paints and adhesives, don't be fooled by the words of completely real wood! Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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