White board type furniture is how to maintain?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-08

with furniture for a long time will fade, and will be broken if maintenance work not ready, white board type furniture is not exceptional also, how to make a lasting board type furniture, such as the new home? A lot of people think furniture maintenance work hard to do, in fact in life is to have a lot of small coup, small make up today to tell you about white furniture maintain method, hope that we learn together, make furniture to restore the original sample.

1, tea, painted furniture stained with dirt, can use some slightly wet gauze wrap tea leaves to wipe brush, dip in with the muslin or a few strong tea water or toilet water, and a little alcohol, wipe gently to remove, but with white tea to wipe furniture, must not forget the wet dishcloth with dip in water, Pay attention to the cloth slightly damp) Then clean tea.

2, put the flat, gentle movement. Put the board type furniture must be kept flat on the ground, if the furniture is put instability, long will inevitably fall off a fastener, binding part cracking; Small pieces of furniture to be mobile, must be raised at the same time, the four corners to avoid drag about on the ground, so as not to affect the service life of furniture.

3, toothpaste, there was a yellow white paint furniture, long, can dip in with dishcloth toothpaste or was gently deposited in the above, using bleaching of toothpaste, yellowing phenomenon can be improved, but wipe the rub of avoid by all means, because the abrasive will wear off the paint in the toothpaste tooth powder, can damage the surface of furniture, damp cloth to remove toothpaste remnants reoccupy does cloth to wipe.

4, soft cloth dust removal, cleaning besmirch. Often with a soft cotton cloth wipe furniture surface dust down the wood texture direction. If the furniture surface is stained with ink, adhesive tape marks and other special professional furniture had better be to go to the store to buy detergent to clean.

5, white vinegar, with white vinegar and water blended in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe furniture surface stains. If the stains are difficult to remove, can stay in a little vinegar water stains on the surface, then rub hard with a soft cloth. This method is applicable to annatto furniture ( Annatto furniture decoration) Maintenance, and other furniture cleaning after contaminated with oil ink, etc.

6, polishing wax, lasting shine. Waxing can create a protective layer in the surface of wood, make the dust down instead of sticking. Just need to play on a thin layer of wax that can keep the light of furniture for a long time.

7。 Egg white, soft cotton cloth or flannelette put in clean water soaked, twist dry and then gently wipe the sofa ( Sofa decorate rendering) On the surface. Once a month to properly according to the proportion of milk and water mix, dip in with soft cloth to wipe, to remove dust and extend the life of the leather. If you take the trouble to use egg qing to clean is also a more practical method.

8, gentle care, careful knock against. The part such as drawer, door to light on the light off, avoid force is too large, collision and damage. When cleaning, do not make clean tool touch the furniture. Should notice at ordinary times, avoid hard thing or sharp object collision furniture. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis and other corrosive liquids.

9, glycerin, cleaning the furniture, the number of drops in the water, glycerin, can clean the more clean thoroughly. However, avoid by all means use water scrub, more don't use soap water or buck, this will affect the furniture surface degree of finish, even cause paint falls off.

10, pointing abscission, iron. Furniture of edge as a pointing and delamination phenomenon, but in its surface with a thin cloth, can make it in iron recovery.

11, beer, take 1400 ml ale boil, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams beeswax and mix well blended, as mixture cools, dip in with soft cloth after polished wood, such as besmirch wipe up again after wipe off the residue with water, the dry with a soft dry cloth.

12, dry and ventilated, avoid exposure. Board type furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, want to often maintain indoor ventilation and dry, in order to avoid furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. Should avoid to put furniture in sunlight exposure.

13, lemon, if the polish or the varnish on the wood, inadvertently been thermal hot very hot mark, can use first lemon slice, lemon juice or dipped the cloth to wipe, and then soaked in hot water in the soft cloth to wipe, final reoccupy fast dry soft cloth to wipe, can restore the original light. With the above maintenance knowledge, bought white furniture don't have to worry about!

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