Which color in the sofa of the sitting room?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-21

use which color in the sofa of the sitting room? Light color sofa is not resistant to dirty? Press with the color of the sofa in the sitting room color, can be divided into light color fastens, brunet department, department, etc. , let's take a look at what they have their own characteristics.

a, light color fastens the sitting room sofa: stain resistant, easy to do, clear, pure style, fashion, no young vigor, is also applicable to lighting ability is weak, smaller space, which is one of the most commonly used furniture color.

2, brunet sitting room sofa: serious, refined, stability, suitable for mature, composed of decorate a style, to embody the interior sense of taste and grade of feeling, especially suitable for mature, introverted people.

3, color is the sitting room sofa: gold, silver, gray, etc. , also calls the safety color, can be in harmony with the most color, and the golden, silver can also create a luxury, elegant indoor atmosphere, unique decoration effect.

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