When buying a sitting room furniture need to pay attention to

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-14

in the pursuit of simplicity in modern life, everywhere, of course, is also simple and comfortable sitting room furniture first. So when we are in the sitting room furniture of choose and buy what you need to consider?

a, reference the size of the sitting room. To the size of the furniture is proportional to the size of sitting room space, large space suitable for large Angle combination sofa, small space is more suitable for single chair or recreational chair light some of the furniture.

2, suitable for furniture color. Furniture color according to indoor decorate a style to determine. For example, Chinese style to decorate for ZiTanSe, annatto color color such as relatively thick solid wood furniture. The Nordic style suitable for light color, pure color contracted furniture;

3, selected household style. Furniture style with the whole decorates a style unifies, you can first consult the designer when the choose and buy, listening to the advice of the designer, make sure to buy furniture can have good adornment effect.

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