What types clapboard or way?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-01

dado is what?

the so-called dado, intuitive, popular said is the facade wall like the skirt. This kind of adornment method is in the range of distance to a certain height on the wall all around the encase with materials such as decorative panels, wooden lines, can use paint, wood, aluminum and so on material make, often used in the bedroom and living room. In addition to have a certain decorative purposes, pure color wall also has avoided because of human activities stale or as a result of the friction scratches. On the selection of materials, therefore, are often chosen in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, better than the original material of metope can wash, etc.

what is the height of dado?

in general, dado YiQu 1 m or so, and dado from metope also should keep a certain distance, is generally not less than 4 cm.

panel and the ceiling of the convergent way

there are three kinds of panel and the ceiling or way.

with formative ceiling structure, between clapboard and the steps of the modelling of a suitable process. For flat ceiling, there are two options.

can choose such as 2, leave a gap on the top of the panel, provide the deformation of wall space. If the scale height is insufficient, the clapboard in regulating the bottom seam formation process steps; If the gage to highly satisfied and the clapboard in regulating the upper seam formation process steps. This has decreased to the accuracy of the gauge personnel requirement, convenient in practical application. If considering the measurement accuracy, can choose plan three way of convergent, add an article to adjust the components on the top of the panel, adjust the wood with the steps.

a, wood veneer and silver mirror, glass or

wood veneer and edge grinding silver mirror or between art glass panels with metal convergent in general. Convergent fillet slightly below the timber line, covered in a silver mirror or art glass edge grinding, and fillet at the grass-roots level to leave gaps between with silver mirror or glass. Wood veneer and car decorative mirror with flexible glass glue between convergent. Wood veneer and car take 1 to 2 mm gap between mirror, prevent late caused by wood veneer installation perpendicularity error silver mirror can't install. The flexible glass glue to choose according to color silver mirror.

2, cylindrical or way

in view of the square cylinder, the equivalent is surrounded by four Yang Angle, convergent way also and Yang Angle as there are three kinds of convergent.

the process seam had better choose symmetry, on the one hand, all sides symmetrically process sewing more beautiful, on the other hand Yang Angle on both sides don't stress, don't need to use L Angle or a triangle strengthen straps.

three stone, wood veneer and convergent

the clapboard in domestic outfit, often appear wooden dado with stone walls, wood veneer and convergent ways mainly have three kinds of stone.

1, the installation of fillet

insert two fillet, fillet article base width is smaller than U wall width, installed using neutral silicone rubber. Need to pay attention to the panel board needs to extend to fillet position at the local level.

2, u-shaped process groove

junction design u-shaped slot, process groove depth can be deepened according to the design requirement. If the stone and wood veneer with transverse process groove, so the height of the transverse process groove to remain consistent.

3, sewing technology

junction wood veneer edge stay flat seam 5 * 5 process and stone material. Process groove need to paint in place that stick a skin, border stone side needs polishing processing.

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