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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

furniture of choose and buy, besides should consider beautiful and practical and the price and the size, in fact this is key, which position to put the relationship to furniture, match not appropriate, is just, emperor, today small make up everyone to clean the part of the furniture size.

= = sitting room furniture

1, TV ark,

if the sitting room is small, then the TV cabinet and cabinet can be combined together, can put the TV, also can put some household furnishing articles, save household space, whole looks the result is right also. And this type of furniture is usually composed of different sizes of the lattice, partially suit to put a few small handicraft, the thickness of cabinet put oneself in another's position to keep within 30 cm a flash; While put TV cabinet put oneself in another's position of a portion of the thickness of at least 50 cm, at the same time also want to consider when buying TV ark the horizontal width, and height of the assorted ark and wall surface width is harmonious.

2, sofa

is the prerequisite of the sitting room sofa household. When choosing of the sofa of the main or comfort, considering the height of the back, leaning can turn the head completely depend on the back of the chair, let neck fully relax. If sofa armrest and back of the chair is too low, suggest to buy a cushion for leaning on to increase your comfort level, if not particularly spacious home, sofa should stick a wall to put as far as possible.

3, tea table

if the volume of the sofa is very big, or the two couch together, then choose the coffee table is the coordination, the height of the cushion of the sofa tea table height and best.

= restaurant furniture =

now restaurant space for rectangle commonly, so less round and square, rectangular table of six people is the most common, if the population is less, in order to save space, you can buy some scaling table, not few of unfolded in space, open to friends again.

some people also want to have larger space, when have dinner can freely in and out. Usually the height of chair is usually 45 cm. The height of the chair on the market at present some uneven, try best to sit down when buying, see if it matches the height of the table in the home.

= bedroom furniture =

1, bed

according to the size, the bed can be divided into four categories: single bed, double bed, big bed, bed. The standard size of bed is 0. 9 m & times; 2. 0 and 1. 2 meters & times; 2. 0 meters two kinds. Such as the popular across the sun bed there were these two dimensions of Mediterranean style can choose from. The size of the standard double bed general is 1. 5 m * 1. 9 m, and the other one size is 1. 2 m * 1. 9 meters, need to be aware of is the nominal size sometimes factory maybe 1. 55 m * 1. 9 meters, in fact you buy bed width is not 1. 55 m, there will be an error, in fact is 1. 50 meters. 2 the standard of mattress. 3 m * 2. 5 m ~ 2. 5 * 2. 5 meters bed sheets. The situation of the specific need to see the bed height. Generally increase double bed size is 1. 8 m * 2. 0 m, the mattress is commonly 2. 0 m * 2. 3 m or 2. 2 m * 2. 4 meters. While there is only one big bed standard size: 1. 8 m * 2. 0.

2, chest

if the room is bigger, buy a big wardrobe with a sliding door. Large size into account in the chest can put larger items, and for the above part of change garments according to the clothing space leaving. The size refers to the forming of wardrobe, of course, if you want to order the chest of drawers, wardrobe, that can be designed into to the top and fitted with a sliding door, beautiful, save space, but also put a lot of clothes.

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