What should the sitting room sofa and tea table is good for you to match

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

in the modern home decoration is the protagonist in the sitting room sofa, do not have the ornament of sofa whole household environment is lost soul, and the collocation of the sitting room sofa also need other items to show the beauty of it, that is a tea table, sofa and tea table collocation like tsukkomi and schemes of cross talk be short of one cannot, below is the collocation of the sitting room sofa and tea table.

1, style is tie-in,

the style of sofa is numerous, more common with European, American and Chinese style style, to a certain extent, expanded the range of consumer choice, but, at the same time also brought some choice dyslexia consumers must, aeriform in, increased the difficulty of the sitting room sofa collocation of tea table. In general, you can choose according to the sitting room decorate a style of whole sofa tea table, or buy complete, let whole space coordinate looks more comfortable.

2, material collocation

at present, the tea table of sales on market basically has marble, wood, metal and glass, everybody in when choosing, can refer to the style of sofa. If the sitting room sofa is American or European, then, the tea table with a marble texture is very appropriate, help to create the elegant atmosphere. If the sitting room sofa is Chinese style style, then, is the tea table of real wood material of choice. If the sitting room sofa is contracted style, then, with a glass tea table, a leisure don't have a taste.

3, the collocation of modelling

in general, when choosing tea table, in addition to take into account the material of sofa, style, also need to pay attention to the modelling. If sitting room sofa is around the corner, then, can match the tea table of round or square, so more line feeling, help to add more vitality and clever. In addition, if the sitting room sofa is curved, so, the tea table of square more appropriate.

4, the collocation of size

in the sitting room sofa collocation of tea table, in addition to pay attention to the above three aspects, and also nots allow to ignore to the size, otherwise not only will appear abrupt, but they may also bring inconvenience to family life. In general, slightly higher than the sofa, tea table width should be more than one 5 of the sofa, length, it is best to three-quarters of the sofa, so size is very accord with the golden ratio.

the above is all there is about sitting room sofa collocation tea table technique is introduced, through the above content, oneself also can carry on the reasonable collocation according to his be fond of.

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