What's the size of the sofa bed?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-21

when it comes to the size of the sofa bed, you know why the sofa bed is so popular in recent years? House prices continue to rise, more and more people buy small family apartment. The space is little, furniture natural to practical first, the function of sofa bed sofa and bed, can maximize the use of household space, furniture is very practical province of small single room space, use at the office as a nap nap sofa bed is also a good choice. So, what are the regulations on the size of the sofa bed? What is the most practical sofa bed size?

the size of the sofa bed and sofa are not much difference in size, smaller than normal on the bed. The size of the sofa bed can according to different digits, or function is different, sofa bed size will have small differences, but there are some range, such as: on the surface of the seat height between 35 and 42 cm, about the height of the calf. The size of the too high or too low are detrimental to human body muscle relaxation, using easy to cause the body ache for a long time. Sofa seat depth between 48 ~ 55 cm is good - that is, when the back as far as possible close leaning on the back of sofa, knee still should be present outside surface. From the ground, the height of the back of a chair sofa bed should be kept between 68 ~ 72 cm, in the range of this, the human body comfort was the strongest. The inclination of the back of a chair in 100 ~ 108 best & deg; Between, and the height of the armrest between 62 ~ 65 cm is appropriate.

the size of the sofa bed is the most important is to satisfy the human body engineering principle, when buying sofa bed, try to sit down and have a good, considering the sofa bed for sleeping, so don't be too soft, or unfavorable to protect the spine. A good modern sofa bed, make you comfortable sitting, lying down to more comfortable.

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