What's the problem with custom green chest plates?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-03
Along with the progress of The Times, more and more products appeared in the families. For example: bedroom furniture brand as a whole wardrobe. It not only provides our clothes place, also make the bedroom space looks more beautiful and tidy. The main part of the bedroom furniture brand plate or is composed of solid wood grain, plant fiber, etc, if this part is not a healthy environmental protection, that the plate is not natural environmental protection and health. See glue environmental protection degree plank itself has no problems, whether glue is environmental protection. Plates are processed, then use glue to bond, the environmental protection degree and the thickness of the glue to a certain extent, also determines the environmental performance of the plate. Criterion is to see whether the presence of formaldehyde glue manufacturer and test the content of free formaldehyde. Bedroom furniture brand of cupboard door plank thickness is plump thick, highly enough. Sliding door board, had better choose 10 mm or 12 mm thick plate, to use strong, stable and durable; Is a bit poor can choose 8 mm thick, appear more thin, frivolous. Decide whether to install door height to top of smallpox, single block plate height 2. More than 8 meters, up to smallpox. The cupboard door and frame design and color are consistent. First-line brand cupboard door frame, door plank from the same manufacturer, grain can achieve the same color, form a complete set of unity. Wardrobe and a less known and inferior brand often tossed together, can only find similar plank of design and color. Relevant tags: living room furniture
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