What's the difference between outdoor recreational chair and indoor recreational chair?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

our life rhythm faster and faster, the pressure also more and more big, rare leisure, a holiday will be very hope can get more comfortable in the nature of mind. For white-collar workers, can use their own leisure time go out for a walk and see, this time is one of the few, therefore they carry the leisure from outdoor to indoor, let yourself after a busy day job, lie on the indoor recreational chair, to relax at home and enjoy a high quality. Indoor recreational chair and outdoor leisure also give people relax, just what is the difference between the two chairs?

in outdoor and indoor recreational chair function different

environment is different, the psychology of natural people sitting on the chair, position is different, such as indoor recreational chair, chair, except for comfortable recreational function also is very rich, it can be used to single person to sit, sit down, can also be used to many people but to create a more intimate sweet, light touch. Indoor recreational chair can also be used to make the bed, or for people to lay the rocking chair, let a person can stretch out their legs and relax. Outdoor leisure chairs, function relatively single, usually people use, in parks, communities or scenic spot, the side of the road some outdoor places, such as for outdoor shade and have a rest.

in outdoor and indoor recreational chair visual effect is not the same as

indoor recreational chair design and modelling is very rich, some very concise vogue, some very avant-garde novel design, and workmanship is very fine and beautiful. Some design is joined the very close skin material, people won't feel a little chair to sit on hardness, give a person the enjoyment with very warm; Indoor recreational chair gives a person is the one of the most comfortable home to enjoy. Outdoor chair is not the same, it is a visual should be coordinated with the outdoor environment, beautiful and easy, approachable, modelling can be designed to be very creative, but not very luxurious chair.

in outdoor and indoor recreational chair chooses material is not the same as

indoor recreational chair the general workmanship is very solid and reliable, the material is also very environmental protection, do not use some poisonous and harmful material, but its anticorrosion performance is not so strong outdoor chair. Outdoor recreational chair because of fire, theft and anti-corrosion requirements, typically used in wood are strong anticorrosive wood, marble and the granite material, of course, is also often used to make outdoor chairs.

although as leisure chairs, outdoor and indoor leisure chairs, visual effects, and the function material is a big difference. Selective indoor chair will be some more rich, more close to human physiological structure, in terms of design is more convenient for people to relax and enjoy at home.

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