What's special rubber wood furniture has to popular approval

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
Rubber wood furniture is popular with the public recognition, its appearance is elegant, practical strong, very durable. This is a lot of people for rubber wood furniture. But the rubber wood furniture must have these characteristics, not only can inevitably has its edge in the market to occupy a piece of heaven and earth, you know, the kinds of all kinds of furniture on the market low-quality furniture must be less than, can not get approval. For a long time in the past, poor quality of furniture also will therefore go unattended, disappearance gradually, finally slowly hidden to the market, useless struggles up for little effect. This simple what characteristics about rubber wood furniture have to popular approval? A: color rubber wood color shallow, very easy to color, can accept a variety of types and tonal architectural coatings, yi and other wood tone melody are auxiliary, paint spraying characteristics well. Two: the strength of rubber wood strength is very good. Pure natural rubber wood furniture has a very hard material color, this kind of strength to make it equal to very good load capacity. Three: wear-resisting rubber wood is very resistant to wear, even if the application for many years, also can maintain its smooth a new administrative levels feeling. Four: log furniture the same texture with northeast China ash, the appearance of the rubber wood furniture texture like many hills, so people also call the texture mountain type lines, with its texture well-balanced, look very nature, beautiful and easy, and it has very good administrative levels. Five: ductile malleable rubber wood is very strong, suitable for making furniture modelling design graph of moderate goods, at the same time, it can also be used as people's art deco furniture commodity raw materials used, rubber wood after corrosion solution later, as a real wood plank.
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