What's a simple way to identify genuine leather sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-16

modern families buy a lot of people will choose sofa is comfortable and durable leather sofas, leather sofas can say is the symbol of high grade, grade, the price is not low. Now on the market to sell what are fakes, so what is the simple identification method dermal sofa? We look together, true and false leather sofa can be identified in the following 3 points.

a, see appearance. Dermal sofa soft gloss, pore, prints, and not completely the same two pieces of leather grain; Faux fur is relatively light, no pores, skin grain is very regular, opposite not the part of the fold is the base fabric.

2, smell. If it is leather, burning a hair after burning smell, and do not form a knot in one's; And artificial leather, imitation leather combustion behind a very pungent smell, and it can form a pimple. Owner at seams at the bottom of the sofa or tear off a little bit of leather fibre in the fire burning.

three, looking for marks. Regular big manufacturer of leather leather symbol is general, leather marks of a registered trademark is composed of a whole lamb, a pair of horns, the deformation of skin form of art round drum shape design, design the central GLP&rdquo abbreviations have leather products; , design main body color is white with black, only three letters in red. But should pay attention to the skin of the hanging leather sample small card is not equal to genuine leather mark.

above, is the small make up teach you the dermal sofa of true and false identification method, buy leather sofa, or to find a normal manufacturer.

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