What popular style villa furniture customization can choose?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-09

there are more and more consumers are more willing to according to their own thoughts with love and choice of high-grade villas furniture customization, club furniture customization, of course, the main ingredient of the villa furniture custom style in general are: Chinese, Japanese, European, American style, etc. The most popular with consumers. Return to nature, the pursuit of quality life, is the modern yearning for many people living in the city, neoclassicism style series with the using of the technology of piano lacquer that bake, make furniture surface is of a calm lake effect, seems to be just a touch will be a wave of ripple.

it is natural and do not break elegant lasting appeal and villas hand in photograph reflect natural and not luxuriant style, full of sweet feeling at the same time, add a few minutes of nature, if placed on some landscape painting or is a green plant, can build a kind of furniture do with the space and natural be in harmony of visual effect, busy for a day for people in such a space full of comfort immediately feel a rare.

home to cover their own small villa is not the dream, the pursuit of increasingly become the majority of people, house prices in the city you can't afford to buy, low cost, good air in the countryside as countries support the new rural construction, a lot of business for entrepreneurs to return, believe that the future of the new rural development will be better and better. When a planned built villa, then we have to know what is custom style villas furniture, this is what we are now to share the theme. In a nutshell, villa according to style, Chinese, Japanese, American, modern wind.

as everybody knows, high-end villa decorate the most taboo is empty, no sweet feeling. So many designers in order to make up for this usually adopted method is not split integral space is the excessive use of soft outfit items to fill, this kind of design method usually have two kinds of effect, if one is build by laying bricks or stones wall split, the space will usually let villa luxuriant feeling disappeared, villas and other buildings are not much different from ordinary, it would seem to be very stingy. Second, if you use too much soft pack a decorations, usually after decorate good gives a person the feeling is very good, but once the owner enters into, will find the contents as long as a little move will seem messy, feels like a big sundry room, no home feeling.

how should create a villa large space and do not break the atmosphere, gorgeous features? There is need to use household layout method, the so-called furniture furniture layout is to use the entire space into different areas of life, the advantage is can let a space have administrative levels feeling, and appear the atmosphere, luxuriant. And what is said above atmospheric luxuriant sense on the new classical furniture style is suitable for the empty villa space layout, for owner to bring home the warmth of feeling.

1, American furniture style villa ( American style)

American furniture style villa development in China's north American style, more embodies in the villa furniture forms, american-style villa furniture become already contracted and the atmosphere, and set a variety of architectural essence and a unique style, fully embodies the concise and easy, the characteristics of easy living very human nature is changed, the villa market is very popular, into the villa market flowers today, American furniture style villa still dominate the market dominant position.

2, japanese-style villa furniture style ( Japanese style)

japanese-style villa is directly affected by the Japanese type building furniture style, exquisite furniture configuration space of flows and space, flow is one room, separated points several functional space, space always can let a person think quietly, zen is boundless. The material of traditional Japanese furniture style villa will nature widespread use in decoration, decoration of the bedroom, not respected luxury, glittering, with quietly elegant is moderate and deep zen state, attaches great importance to the practical function. Japanese style furniture especially to harmony with nature, use external nature, bring infinite vitality for indoor, selects material also put special emphasis on the natural texture, so that the friendly exchanges with nature, feel happy.

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