What makes real wood furniture so well

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture, furniture surface usually can see the grain of wood. Of solid wood furniture on the market at present roughly two kinds, one kind is log furniture, all the material is pure solid wood furniture, including desktop, cabinet door panel, side panel, etc are made with pure real wood, do not use any other man-made board or density board sticker. Another kind is imitation solid wood furniture, that is, look from the appearance of the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood furniture is the same, but in fact it is made of solid wood and man-made board furniture, such as side panel, the racks using two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood doors and drawer is used stickers. Solid wood furniture is more and more popular in recent years, in addition to related to people's consciousness change, primarily the advantage of solid wood furniture itself. Brand advantages of solid wood furniture, natural environmental protection, this is the greatest characteristic of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the process of making, and compared those man-made board furniture, use glue quantity is quite less. With glue amount of how much influence the furniture of environmental protection. And solid wood furniture are made of natural wood, so it is more environmentally friendly. Second, pure solid wood furniture has protection function. At the same time bring household environment warm breath 'forest', thus is quite popular with the upscale consumers. It has the advantage of natural, natural texture, changeful form, furniture surface usually wood three beautiful decorative pattern, can be seen. Long service life and generally be about nine times as many other board type furniture, can use 20 years to 30 years or so, save good even longer. ( For example: hundreds of years old furniture before use) After four paint, solid wood puzzle, the surface without rugged phenomenon of spelling a glue line and panel, it's a common misunderstanding of it, it refers to the eight section slot card each other strong. And in the process of long-term use of physical performance is very good. So in terms of use and texture and color, pure solid wood puzzle decorating plate is more suitable for the use of furniture and decorative function. Relevant tags: study furniture
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