What kind the balcony chairs are there?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-09

now most people have a balcony, the home of a lot of people will be put in the balcony of a chair, in their spare time to enjoy the warmth of the sun and enjoy the beautiful outdoor, let oneself become more relaxed cheerful mood. So what types balcony chair, the balcony chairs the choose and buy should pay attention to what?

what are the types of the balcony chairs

1, the deck chair

deck chair is one of the many people preferred the balcony chairs, people can enjoy the warm sun completely lying on it, but we need to pay attention to when buying chair of its quality, otherwise it will give people a safe hidden trouble.

will give people a safe hidden trouble.

2, cane

a cane is a very leisure chair, chair is more suitable for as the balcony. Rattan shelf usually use is made of bamboo, reoccupy Tian Teng skin seizing, permeability with excellent flexibility.

3, top

top is a more ancient, it appeared as early as the tang dynasty, it's a chair leg cross shaped, outer feels dye-in-the-wood, sit feeling quite comfortable, is also a lot of people often use a chair on the balcony.

the balcony chairs considerations of choose and buy

1, the material

we first need to pay attention to chair in the balcony of choose and buy the material of it, if you live environment is humid and rainy, then the balcony had better choose folding tables and chairs, aluminum chairs chairs the rain erosion resistant chair, if you are sunshine more beautiful living environment, had better not choose real wood or completely vine chair, the chair is often the sun will be prone to cracking or deformation phenomenon, had better choose imitated cane or green wood chair, the chair of the excellent weatherability.

2, space,

when the balcony chairs of choose and buy, we need to choose according to the size, the balcony the space is lesser, can choose a smaller deck chair, space is large, can design according to his be fond of the balcony chairs.

3, style

the balcony chair chair style on the market at present various, when the choose and buy, we need to choose chair and the overall domestic outfit style is tie-in, it looks more elegant and comfortable.

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