What kind of villa clubhouse porch are there forms of design

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-16

villa clubhouse porch generally there are two ways: hard and soft porch porch, hard porch partition porch and half partition is divided into the porch.

the porch partition: refers to the design of porch for the whole picture, from the ground to the top. The porch is in an attempt to stop the line of sight. Attention is to adopt the design affect the door part of the natural lighting, this is very critical, if this design caused the door part of light and dark, is to gild the lily: secondly, whether this design can create space narrow sense, it is also worth attention.

half partition porch: refers to the porch in a horizontal direction up and down or take half or almost half of the design. This design to a certain extent reduce the disadvantages of the porch partition: half partition of porch is also used for the transparent part of the glass, although is from the ground to the top, but because is half partition on the vision, so still delimits the van for half partition porch.

soft: porch is in plane based on area such as material handling method, can be divided into: smallpox, metope, ground and shoe ark.

smallpox, smallpox modelling difference to define the location of the hallway, metope, can through the processing and other adjacent wall metope difference to define the location of the entrance hall.

don't points on the ground, can through the ground material, colour and lustre or height difference to define the location of the hallway.

shoe ark, can through the horizontal pendulum block off it in a horizontal direction and vertical direction along the length of the define the location of the hallway.

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