What kind of the basic knowledge of best brand sofa and leather

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

what kind of sofa is the best?

different people have different views, but there is the world's best brand sofa: NATUZZI, CUIR CENTER, ROLF, BENZ etc. , are all famous brand sofa. And I feel nice Sofa are: Chesterfield Sofa, Le Corbusier Sofa, Noel Sofa, Hansen, Sofa, etc. The basic knowledge of leather: 1, leather is divided into: leather and artificial leather. 2, leather is divided into head layer and layer of skin, three layers of skin, monochrome skin and double color skin. Faux fur for synthetic materials, PU/PVC, etc. Head skin features: soft, good gloss, fiber thin, dense, soft, with a small amount of natural scar, eleusine indica, hematic muscle. ②。 Second floor skin features: look no scars, eleusine indica, uniform texture, flexibility is poor, feel is a hard, coarse fiber loose. ③。 The characteristics of the three layers of skin: three layer of leather and imitation leather handle, mostly in the side and the back of the sofa. ④。 Monochrome skin and double color skin features: monochrome skin normally just a paint coating color; Double color is every one points a few times with two different dye coating, seems there are two kinds of color.
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