What kind of table for daily use?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

for the restaurant, in addition to eat chair is key, the selection of table is also very important. Today we talk about the different shapes for what is the difference between table, which the shape of the table is most suitable for everyday use.

1: daily table shape square table

a square table are relatively common, because the square table seating capacity is very limited, at most is to accommodate four people.

daily table shape 2: rectangular table

common table shape is a rectangle, which is the most basic standard shape. Rectangular table is very traditional table form, suitable for a dozen or more people, a practical high table style.

3: daily table shape oval table

similar oval table and rectangular table, can accommodate the number of eat chair is similar, but because it is a circular curve, to use more flexible.

4: daily table shape round table

round table is one of the most daily table design, which is the most suitable for the form of the reunion dinner, so most of Chinese people with round table, round table is suitable for various pattern of founder of restaurant.

summarizes the next, in daily life, our common table were for rectangular and circular, rectangular table is the most common, and the significance of the circular reunion, happiness, have a special meaning for Chinese people, is also the most flexible and is suitable for the table style chat together.

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