What kind of sofa dragon-boat festival party for?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

every day in the busy modern people, friends are always not enough, Dragon Boat Festival holiday coming soon, finally have time and energy to relax, the sitting room is a real party stronghold in the home, the sofa is a stronghold of the core, choose a suitable sofa will determine the party everyone involved in the state.

holiday you can invite friends and family reunion. But you will find that home of 5 people, 6 people sofa wasn't enough to sit. Or is everyone sitting together in a word on the sofa, chat each other have to hang on. This kind of situation, the choice is very important for party sofa. In fact, there are a lot of sofa for the party. Can accommodate more than space, at the same time, also let a person closer to chat. Small make up recommend three kinds of sofa let you won't happen again party of stopping. Recommend

a: corner sofa recommended index: u u u u u

it can save space and by many people, everybody still can chat around. The armrest of sofa have no spare to make more space to take. And most of the corner sofa can be decomposed into several small sofa, practicality and improve greatly.

recommendation 2: round sofa recommend index: u u u u

fashion modeling, than the corner sofa is more suitable for the party, everyone chatting in a circle full accessibility, need not to hang on to speak. But the disadvantage is that occupies a space, generally applicable to large family living room.

recommendation three: functional sofa recommend index: u u u

choose the starting point of this kind of sofa, unlike the other two, functional sofa polygon can meet the needs of more people, and occasionally visit relatives and friends stay also need not worry about how to arrange the sleeping problem. But usually cut back on functional sofa comfort.

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